Getting ready to embark on the journey of her life…
Grace is definitely one cool chick. Shy at first, but once you sit down and talk a little with her, you realize that you could have been best friends with her back in high school. She fondly refers to her group of friends at Union Academy as “The Nerd Herd”.
I loved planning her session with her. At our first meet up, we met at a coffee shop in Charlotte and enjoyed chatting about ideas and expectations for the shoot. I really wanted to get to know what she had in mind. Grace’s mom of course was spot on with the things Grace is interested in. Grace loves vintage style, classic looks, classic movies, classic music, and general geekery. Our trip to get coffee also was the perfect timing to get wardrobe picked out for the shoot. We found the most amazing looks and accessories for her session.
The next few days were used for planning the final elements of her shoot.
When the day of the shoot rolled around, we met at my studio to get prepped with hair and makeup. Everything just seemed to fall into place. I hope you love the outcome of Grace’s shoot as much as I do! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day!


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