July 11, 2015

I had been wanting the do this shoot for a while. Since I have moved to the beach within the last year, the opportunity finally presented itself when Collette visited me. I liked this little red tv I bought last year at a thriftstore, and had thought it would be interesting to incorporate into an environment that one normally wouldn’t drag a tv to.  It was small and colorful and with the pop of Collette’s hair, her bathing suit, and the shimmer of the top, it kinda seemed perfect.
The image of her holding the cord to the tv while it sits in the sand evoked in me the thought that even when we go on vacation, or go out into nature, some people still struggle to put down their technology. So I called that image, “Still Tied In”. Thanks Collette for modeling for me. You are gorgeous girl. Photographed on July 11, 2015.
IMG_4992-s IMG_4910-s2 IMG_5055-s IMG_5048-s2 IMG_5045-s IMG_4940-s IMG_5022-s IMG_5019-s IMG_4909-s3


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